Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Geekdom EDIT.

So Topless Robot came out with this article the other day: Most Shameful Nerd Argument Awards for those men or women who have say, pushed a naked girlfriend out of the way to play Bomberman, ended a friendship over whether or not Twin Peaks DVDs were returned without damage, or perhaps had a lively discussion concerning whether or not Tara/Willow should be appropriated outside lesbian culture almost endangering their sweet, sweet romance. I'm sorry, baby!

Basically if the thought of any of this shit makes sense to you you should read the award winners. I thought I was the only one who had ever made someone else cry about whether a book or a movie was more canon than the other, I was wrong.

Also, one time I actually spent an hour reading a Spider-man movie x Star Trek TNG/Voyager crossover fanfiction. The Buffy/ST: Voyager crossover I read was less appealing.

Spike and Angel Making Out.

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