Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So at the dinner I attended I was told to send an update every day of me singing one of the four songs that I'll be performing in OKC so that elder members can go ahead and smooth out really obvious pronunciation errors and shit. I've spend most of this weekend/evening on this song, because I'm covering all of Yurina Kumai's parts AKA 4 lines and the chorus (thankfully the chorus is with the other three girls singing too).

Here is original, yet again, follow the fourth girl to appear with bow on side of head and bangs (OMG LOOK HOW CREEPY GIRL #2 SAKI LOOKS IN THIS CLOSEUP):

This is all the talent you need to be an International Japanese Pop Star:
I'm not supposed to try to sound like her... NO PROBLEM!

EDIT UPDATE: I just gave up and submitted this one:

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