Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This was actually my first ever Hello!Project ship back when I entered the fandom (and I only have one other pairing I enjoy, perverts). I sort of forgot about them until this brand new picture showed up on Hello!Online yesterday. Although Yossy and Makoto are my most favorite members of Momusu ever and I do love to think of them doing gay things together, I have to say that both are TOO DAMN THIN. Also, I miss soft butch Yossy.

Here is a comparison of AW YEAH and TOO DAMN THIN as seen through the years, to show that a restrictive diet really can ruin my enjoyment of any amount of hot:

This picture actually scrambles my brain and renders me unable to function.

Shattered pelvis warning.


Coughing up blood between songs, I'd gather.

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