Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I link them often enough that you wouldn't know, but like many Morning Musume fans I've been slowing falling off the fanwagon since THE ADVENT OF DEPRESSING ASS R&B SINGLES. I won't count Mikan, since that is a happy song that I treasure, but in terms of the last five singles here is where I stand:

1) Resonant Blue: Yes all around. The only time I've ever been attracted to Takahashi Ai was when I saw her on a treadmill staring me down in the video.
2) Naichau Kamo: Yes to the lyrics. Fuck no to the arrangement. The dance was also much too simple and I hate crying in the rain music videos.
3) Blah Blah Oibito: I don't even know the title to this song. It bores me that much.
4) Onna Blah Blah: Again.
5) Nanchatte Renai: Better and I don't think it sounds like #3, despite the fact that liking this single is the most unfavorable opinion on the internet ever and will probably get my non-existant fanclub membership shredded.

But fuck all that cause the new single is AWESOME and has single handedly renewed my FANDOM which you know is pretty intense if you've ever been a part of a fandom:

Originally: Visually I fell in love with Morning Musume, because of the way each girl had a clearly defined personality, vibrant clothing, and incredible cheerfulness that I found so refreshing when I was 20 and angstful.

But I fell in love with the music, because it was like nothing I'd heard in the West before. I enjoyed really out there singles with different styles, not irony not trying for irony, or over production disguised as talent. The producers knew the girl's strengths and weaknesses and let them hit some bad notes, or arranged songs that made no sense at all, but are so fucking addictive that I probably listen to them a few times a day: As for One Day, Sukina Sempai, The Peace, Renai Revolution, Love Machine.

Kimagure Princess seems like a turn back to my beloved Momusu of the past: there are chipmunk voices, I can't figure out the count, I'd be embarrassed to have my friends hear it in the car, "sexy" is mispronounced repeatedly. I've already mentioned not really being a fan, but I also need to say that Takahashi Ai sounds like a goddamn goddess about to rip out my still beating heart on the first chorus. I'd let her.

Thanks Tsunku, for not producing yet another depressing R&B dance track. I feel like it's my first time fangirling.

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