Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Video Game Music Win

So I haven't blogged anything about video games so far, which is sort of weird considering I've been spending many early morning hours lately cradling my PS2 controller as though it were about to get me off. Actually, that's why I always keep the rumble feature ON and also why my shit is cordless.

Back in the day, my boyfriend of the time used to talk a great big goddamn deal about video game music, which I mostly ignored whilst he sent me dozens of MP3 files of like, mono recordings of Sonic themes. But now that I'm older and much more socially retarded, I've started making my own lists of music that I think is damn good, or at least good enough to encourage me to play a level repeatedly. This list is LITTLE though, because of all of my geekdoms (music, video games, graphic novels/comics, idols, anime, books, sci-fi, fantasy, academic shit, oh my God why is this list so long already) I probably spend the least amount of time on video games. Since I seem to be no closer to having time for a regular lady-friend, this list might expand dramatically in the coming months!

In no particular order:

Setsuka's Theme from Soul Calibur 3
Angel Rain from We Love Katamari
Tails Theme from Sonic Adventure 2
Simple and Clean Planetb Remix from Kingdom Hearts
Everlasting Love from We Love Katamari (I was banned from playing levels that included this song while living with my last roommate, because I may have abused the system and was about to receive a bat to the skull for once playing one particular level with this song THIRTY times in a row. I wonder why we don't talk anymore?)
Ice Cap Zone 1 from Sonic 3
The Story Board Music from Yoshi's Island (A possible great trigger song for use by the military?)
The Sound of Not Going to Class AKA Legend of Zelda Theme
Tetris Attacks AKA The Sound of Me Kicking Your Ass

and most importantly:
If I ever got married I would not be embarrassed to walk down the aisle to SWEET SWEET DREAM from Sonic 2, like the completely mono version here. In fact, if the person I was marrying was okay with this she would probably be the coolest person ever (or we would both be robots HURRAY!). But if it was the remixed version featuring Akon for Sonic the Hedgehog 2005, not so much.


  1. If we're both single and/or drunk at 40 I will totally marry you to the Sonic 2 ending theme. Played live, on like, instruments and stuff.

    Damn, that was probably the best ending sequence in a Sonic game (excluding the Sonic CD cartoon recaps, like duh). It's such a damn shame that they re-used that falling and landing on the plane ending like a bazillion times in the series - to a significantly poorer effect.