Saturday, October 3, 2009


First impressions: In the white outfits do they have SCRUNCHIES on their wrists? I'm glad Airi is center for once, she has such a beautiful voice, as overused as she is in every C-ute single. Also, as she matures she becomes increasingly less bobble-headed. Momoko doesn't really seem to mature as much as Airi in this video, but I suppose because she is the oldest of the girls her genki, crazy personality is already the most developed. Miyabi has always seemed older than the other two girls and her new light red hair is so becoming! I want to style my sort of similar haircut in the big curled look she's wearing in the "rock" clothing.

ALSO: The band behind them in the "rock" segments is yes, actually their backing band for concerts. It's the first time they've been featured in a video and I'm pretty proud that Hello Project actually has one video now with actual musicians in it.

ALSO: Cheerleading! Are those H!P Eggs in the background dancing?

EDIT: This is actually sort of disturbing, when I first got into H!P Airi and Miyabi looked like this and were in a unit called Aa! with My Least Favorite Member Ever Who I Violently Dislike Tanaka Reina:

Is this sort of what it's like when you realize your friend's little bro or sis has grown up to be super hot and then you feel like a pervert, because you remember them as a kid? EDIT: OH WAIT AIRI'S STILL ONLY FIFTEEN SO SHE MIGHT STILL BE A KID.


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