Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Sounds!

The great thing about Hello!Pro is that considering there are about 7 or 8 active groups at all times made up of never tiring robotgirls, there is also a new song out by some group or another every two or three weeks for me to play repeatedly until everyone around me is so sick of it that they want to re-nig our friendship. Sorry about the poor grammar.


Loves: Best dancing I've ever seen in a Hello!Project video, Yajima Maimi's thighs, the gangsta ass hats, Capt. Saki Shimizu and MAEDA YUUKA who is an unfortunate twelve years old in this video. The translation of the song and the fact that that chorus is "Lonely Lonely Lonely Gimme Love Gimme Love GIMME" Hates: Not only is Tanaka Reina center in this, but she has her hair in really stupid pigtails that make me hate her more. I mean I will eventually write a post about how much I hate this girl, it doesn't even make sense nor is it logical.

Loves: This is my new favorite group in Hello!Project, especially because it has Ogawa Saki, Fukada Kanon, and Maeda Yuuka, my favorite Hello!Pro Eggs (aka girls that are TOO YOUNG). The song is hyper cute and it appears that the "best date" they end up going on is one with the four of them in a carriage behind fake horses. Hates: Having this video on my PC may get me in trouble if my harddrive is ever confiscated. "Dawa" or whatever the fourth girl's name is doesn't really do anything for me.

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