Thursday, October 15, 2009

Freaks and Geeks

This show was improbably one of the best series from the late nineties that no one paid attention to. It was also the only time I think Seth Rogen or That Other Guy He's Always With Jason Segel were ever really, really funny. Plus it has James Franco and Busy Phillips, both of who I will admit are Very Attractive People. Watch this clip as it will teach you valuable lessons about "having fun" (which is how my father claims I got this ear infection) and enjoy the always charming acting of Sarah Hagan (Buffy's Millie from Season 7, who's strangely also named Millie here and playing what appears to be an earlier version of the exact same character).

So I bet the fanfic for Freaks and Geeks is a lot of Franco/Segel slash that I have no desire to read, but still, why was this amazing show canceled? The fandom possibilities were endless.

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