Thursday, October 8, 2009

Morning Musume Kimagure Princess PV Release.

This PV is already getting alot of discussion (or at least the bandwagon for this song is big enough to warrant 133 comments on Hello! Online in the first three hours of the video going online), but I honestly hate it and I feel really badly that I do considering how excited I am/was about the song. I hope Happy!Style is never called upon to cover it. I would feel embarrassed doing the dance. Not because it's silly, but because I think most of it is way too sexy and not the direction I like to see Momusu go in. All of the girls look exactly alike, there are no longer any distinguishing features or characteristics to make me care about any of them individually. The background still looks like a cheaper version of Angel's mansion in S3 of Buffy. The closeup shots are beautiful, but so what? So Morning Musume is Japan's first all Real Girl pop group?

I suppose this video is not the kind that should make me embarrassed to be a J-pop fan because it is so comparitively normal to Western culture vomit, but it does:

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