Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nonsense pt 2.

I promise I'll post something more substancial later. For now here is more of Sayaka Akimoto and also a quick list of BIRTHDAY/CHRISTMAS possibilities for those who live overseas and have the most wonderful lesbian ex-girlfriends ever. Try finding a card that says that.

If you don't watch any of this clip, you should at least let the first six seconds play while my beautiful Sayaka tentatively yells "Daisuki! (I love you!)" at the camera, undoubtedly part of some really ridiculous teen j-drama. The expression she makes after she yells is pretty tremor inducing as well.

Hello Project Store USA opened a few weeks ago and I'm surprised that so far I haven't maxed out my credit cards and sold a kidney to buy everything in stock. This is what adulthood is about, my friends, being able to buy hundreds of dollars worth of ridiculous bullshit to feed your embarrassing fandoms.

Yoshizawa - Come Together 2008! teeshirt (It only comes in Large, but I can gain weight)
A JunJun phone charm with a disco ball on it? Why yes of course!
C-ute photo set in which everyone looks hot except Mai Hagiwara, but I can deal with that
I think I want this mini-booklet of Ongaku Gatas Most Of All.
Eri Kamei looking precious and soft

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