Thursday, April 9, 2009

Typical Introductions.

So I'm a 20 something religious middle-class Southern ablebodied liberal arts school educated whiteish lesbian abortionist. Does that cover all of my intersections? Occasionally I'm funny, but I can't promise you that here. I also like to read, dance, play videogames, write, and support my friends' artistic endeavors. Mostly though, I like Japanese pop and competitive figure skating. Marinate on that for a minute.

I started a blog mainly so I could talk about those last two interests, but I'll probably also talk about work as well, since my job always makes me think and challenges me to be a kinder, more understanding person. Considering that I started out in life being sort of a rough trash talkin' bitch, it's a considerable challenge indeed. I'm full of questions and I hope that writing online will help me organize my thoughts, or at least give me an outlet to vent about the latest judging injustices in international competitions, or rave on the amazingness of Risa Niigaki's nail art.

There will be pictures.

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