Sunday, April 26, 2009

H!P '09 Ranking

Well Thank God I got in on this before the polls closed!

I didn't realize that this was an application, until I noticed that everyone who had participated had the exact same pictures of each girl. Alittle slow I know. Without further ado: Me jumping on an H!P related internet bandwagon, scoot over alittle:

1) Yoshizawa Hitomi. No surprise really. Although I think my fangirling of her isn't as rabid as it was in '08, I still think she's the most interesting thing in Hello Project! now. That being said, I liked the old Yossy more than the new. Her talking about marriage on infotainment shows weirds me out and I don't like her as a blonde. I thought she looked more than a bit haggard in those Seattle pics, but that's just me. But she's still Yossy and the only member I have a photobook of. We keep it on the living room table.

2) Ogawa Makoto. Her return from New Zealand was probably my most exciting fandom moment of '08. I really hope they use her for something in '09. I've always thought she was incredibly beautiful, quick witted, and seemed personable. Also, I'm fairly sure that because she went to school, she can read. I love that in a woman. I watched the video of her speaking in English somewhere around 5011 times.

3) Yaguchi Mari. She likes videogames. She likes to read. She buys collectable items from other fandoms. She plays hide and go seek games with her readers through pictures in her blog. She got me interested in eyelash extensions. Clearly, I'm in love. Also, I think she's the most savvy business woman in H!P, based on her ability to stay on relevant non-H!P produced TV more consistantly than any other member.
I'm not sure if getting back into the music biz is her best bet for '09, but I did cry while watching the video of her first performance of Seishun Boku.

4) Kamei Eri. Can I just write that she continues to be one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, ever, period? In '08 she didn't really seem to do anything new for me, and I hope she gets more coverage in '09. Mostly I put her on here for the little salute she did in the Mikan video and the fact I finally looked at the Maple photobook which was Good Cake.

5) Okada Yui. So I only got into Biyuden in the last year, which, I realize, is when the group was already scheduled to be disbanded. Now they are no more, but I'm still amazed at Yui's ability to completely own a MV. Alot is said about how she's a gravure model and may eventually appear in a car magazine or whatever, but I think she's a bit more down to earth than anyone gives her credit for. It's like she knows that you think she's gorgeous, but can't quite believe that you would. Or at least that's what I picked up from Kacchoi Ze! Japan, because I read. into. everything.

6) Tsuji Nozomi. I try to imitate her style as often as possible and always fail miserably. When you can wear a giant bow at any age past 3 years old and not look completely ridiculous I'll put you at number 6 of any of my lists too. She didn't do much in '08, but I found a clip of her performing Matsuura's "Nee" the other month and realized yet again how interesting she is as a performer. So energetic.

7) Tsugunaga Momoko. Alot of similarities with #6. She's just such a strong, energetic performer and she's is the only member of H!P that I think has really rode the "cute" persona as it should be. Mai Hagiwara comes off as a brat to me, like a girl I wouldn't have liked in 5th grade and I find Koharu to be so grating that it's hard for me to enjoy Morning Musume anymore. Both of these girls work the "cute" persona, or perhaps the "crazy" persona in the case of Koharu. Momoko seems sharp enough to keep her idol charm without dumbing herself down. I like.

8) Ishikawa Rika. I put her here, because of her work with Yossy this year. From reviews it sounds like she was clearly the more likeable of the two in Seattle. Where Yossy is more reserved and can seem more than a bit scripted when portraying her "Hangry" role, Rika comes off like she knows it's a bit ridiculous and can laugh along with the audience. They're marketing this girl as a goth. I mean seriously.

9) JunJun. Her shyness is endearing in earlier videos, but I'm not sure if that was due to her inability to speak fluent Japanese or if she actually felt self conscious. I suppose it's the first, or she's a good actress, since she's worked in Chinese pop before. I would say something about LinLin, but I don't get her. So China is 1-1 for me right now in terms of idols.

10) Michishige Sayumi. God bless her for trying to sing. I can't sing either, so she gives me hope for my upcoming superstardom. I also enjoy that her hair never changes so I don't have to struggle to wonder who she is. When I'm on a date and I pose alittle I try to channel her. I mean tilting my head while talking or making heart shapes with my hands. You do it too, so don't judge me.

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