Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A sort of return.

Whilst I reading over old posts from 2009 and 2010 I was struck by a few completely self-serving and simultaneously illuminating thoughts: 1. During my time blogging I felt consistently inadequate. No word or phrase ever entirely details what I'm trying to convey. I hate the process of writing for this very reason. 2. What I might have remembered as mediocre entries (to say the least) in terms of this blog were actually quite amusing to me in retrospect and not at all poorly written. 3. My life has changed tremendously since the conception of this blog, but I wouldn't necessarily say it was for the worse. I see my current self in many of my former entries and despite the differences in my current outlook, I actually LIKE the girl who started this blog as much as I like the woman I am today.

I still have much to say on the subjects of Japanese pop music, feminism, figure skating and moon-speak so I'll try to make a more conscious effort to update. I'm unsure as to who, if anyone, still comes through this nonsense from time to time, but if for nothing else, I can write for myself and in the future smile as I re-read my entries.

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