Sunday, March 21, 2010

Asian "Urban" Pop You Should Listen To.

Despite evidence (my blog) to the contrary, there is actually non bubblegum or ballad Asian pop in existence. While there is quite a bit of pretty laughable A-HipHop/Rap out there, there are a few gems in the interpretation of "urban music" (a term I sort of deplore, but can't find a replacement for) in Asian culture. Taiwan and S. Korea do an especially good job of coming out with fresh rhythms and decent concepts.

The elements are all similar to late 80s/early 90s Western pop/hip hop really. Typically you have a female soloist for the refrain, a male lead, the subject matter is ultimately pretty light, and the style of the PV is a bit like the opening of Fresh Prince, with some exceptions of course. Here are a few of my favorites, that to me at least, demonstrate that while there may not be a terrible amount of substance behind most J/C or K Hip Hop, the creativity level is still far surpassing a lot of Western Top 40 hits.


Heartsdales feat. Soul'd Out: Candy Pop!



E.via: Hey! (E.via is banned from Korean radio due to her inclination to rap about fucking, so enjoy it here!)

F{x}: Chocolate Love (electro pop vers.) (I know f{x} isn't technically k-urban, but I have to love on Amber, for being the cutest androgynous Korean rapper I've ever seen)


Elva Hsiao: Biao Bai

Free Style: Y (Please Tell Me Why)

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