Tuesday, March 2, 2010

AKB48 - Majisuka Rock'n Roll (PV)

AKB48's single "Majisuka Rock'n Roll" screen captures and my thoughts, because this is my new favorite PV!

The story starts with Acchan who I won't bother to screencap here, because I find her so offensively dull, as a little Willow like nerd attending some bad-ass yakuza high school where everyone looks ridiculously hot.

First up:
I will call this "bad girl" look the "ethereal bad girl who has a name like Heaven or Misty or something who makes you feel sexually confused by in middle school". Tomo is working her shit out here. Look at that stare. Haruna on the left and whoever on the right seem to be working their Garland swag as well.

I couldn't forget about my lovely Sayaka on the left working my favorite high school bad girl look: "I'm sullen and I don't want to be here". The pout asks for a pony, but the hair asks only for a healthy amount of conditioner.

I hate to say that Yuko is clearly going for the sexy-dyke bad girl look in this PV, but check out that eighties curl and contemptuous smirk. She's totally drawing me in. I also dig her spaced teeth and the way she looks like she's about to kick someone in the balls.

I wish there had been kabuki bad girls in my high school. That's it, really.

This scene is clearly the most awesome scene on the PV. Badass goth loli girls. A personal favorite. There's actually quite a lot of fighting in this PV. Goth loli's come in by smiling sadistically, then kicking over another girl who sprawls over the classroom floor. Cinematic win!

The final fight with Acchan. I love Mariko in the hideous fur coat. I wanted to get a decent cap of her closeup this PV, but when her mouth is open it really ruins the effect.

SULLEN LOVE ACCHAN. This is the only time I have ever cared for this idol, but when a girl takes off her glasses and stares at me listlessly I suddenly find her very relevant. Unfortunately, this will probably be the only time I find her compelling. Ever.

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